L.A. – Summer School The Chair for Design & Architecture Van Rijs at the Technical University Berlin has paired with Materials & Applications (M&A) – a non-profit organization dedicated to building a public culture of experimental architecture in Los Angeles- to develop a Summer School + DISCURSIVE FORMAT that will take place in L.A. in September 2017. 


The summer school will explore relevant topics to L.A. and Berlin – housing policies, land use, urban resources, civic participation- creating a space for critical inquires, where participants coproduce a learning environment while engage in developing a DISCURSIVE FORMAT.
The summer school comprises walks, site visits, expert-talks, building, screenings, dinners and will be part of M&A’s public program.
+Info about itinerary, costs, detailed program and registration procedures on the first class meeting.
6 LP /
INSTRUCTOR: Rosario Talevi
Room: 606
First appointment: 19.04.2017 , 14:00
For further Informations please contact the Fachgebiet or JOIN THE FIRST CLASS MEETING.